About Chancel HRT

  • What is Chancel HRT?
    Chancel HRT stands for Chancel Hospitality Residential and Tourism, Inc.  We are a family owned builder offering the highest level of craftsmanship, quality and design.
  • How is Chancel HRT different than other custom builders?

    Chancel’s attention to detail and utilization of superior products is a key component in our construction.  We utilize MoldStoppers as a pre-treatment on all new construction.  All new homes are sprayed with this green solution from the trusses to the cement slab to protect your home.  We also use Tyvek as a moisture wrap to protect your home.  Tyvek® is recognized as a leader in moisture wrap for residential construction.

    There is no short cut when building a quality custom home and we address it from the ground up. Ask about other ways Chancel HRT takes great strides to be the best by contacting us.

Custom Homes

  • What size homes do you build?

    We have floor plans ranging from 2,000 square feet to 7,000 square feet, but that doesn’t mean we won’t build smaller or larger. We work with you to determine what size house will best meet your needs and if that means a 1,800 square foot home is the right size, then that’s what we’ll build. When you build a custom home, you can often eliminate wasted space so you may not need a larger home, just a smarter one! Call or email us today to start exploring the right sized home fit to your lifestyle.

  • Will you build in my desired area?

    If your desired area is in North Carolina or South Carolina, we’d love to talk with you to determine if we would be the best builder for your planned project.

  • How do I know if my lot is build-able?

    Chancel HRT Custom Homes & Design will provide a preliminary site feasibility assessment for you as part of the standard price of your home. We will also submit for the building permit on your behalf. While nobody can guarantee that a lot is build-able until a building permit is in hand, we take a lot of the worry and the headache out of the build on your land process.

  • How do I get started looking for a place to build my new home?

    Contact us! We are constantly looking at land opportunities. Some lots come available on the open market through real estate agents, but other land opportunities might come to us directly from the land owner. We’ll be able to send you home sites for consideration based on the values you’ve communicated to us.

  • What is your cost per square foot to build?

    Some people ask this question to try to qualify if a builder can deliver the size home that they desire within their budget. Others ask it to try to compare one builder to another. Consider the fact that no two home builders are alike. The average home has over 40,000 individual parts – that’s 40,000 possible ways to be different. To ask the question, “What is your cost per square foot?” is like asking an automobile manufacturer, “What is your cost per pound for a car?” It all depends on what is being included in the cost. It’s a measurement that often fails to compare apples-to-apples. One builder may quote a low cost per square foot and exclude the cost to develop the land. While another, which quotes a higher cost per square foot, includes land development. We invite anyone to present us with another builder’s offer and let us show you the difference.

  • How long does it take to build my home?

    We build in many different jurisdictions each with unique building requirements on everything from permitting to inspections. In addition, we build homes in a variety of sizes, price points, and finishes. You should allow 1-3 months at a minimum to get all feasibility studies, paperwork and jurisdictional requirements prepared for permit submittal. Permitting itself takes, on average, 1-6 months from the time submission takes place (some jurisdictions take longer, some take less). The foundation process happens as quickly as final site preparation occurs. The average time that it takes to build your Chancel HRT Custom Home is around 6 months from the time that you backfill the foundation.

  • Do I get to select what I want in the home?

    We have a team of design specialists that will work with you to do just that! When you come to meet with us, we will help you select the kitchen cabinets, countertops, tile, hardwoods, lighting and a host of other options that allow you to personalize your new home. We make the process easy for you!

  • What is site work and how much will it cost?

    With every property there is a certain amount of clearing, trenching, excavation, and utility hooks ups among other things that must be done to prepare the site for construction. Costs on this can range from $5,000 to $50,000 depending on the amount of work needed. Some sites have city utilities and some sites need private septic and wells put in. The only accurate way to determine site work costs are to have a professional bid put together from a site contractor. Chancel HRT can provide you with a reference or include these costs on a turnkey basis. Many customers want to contract directly for site services because it can often save them money.

  • Can I do work in my home?

    We will work with you on a case by case basis.  To do some work in your home, you have to be licensed in the state it is being built and carry the necessary insurance to do the work required.

  • Can we provide our own materials or use a friend/relative for certain parts of our build?

    We will work with you on a case by case basis.  Previous homeowners we have built for have provided some specific material they wanted in their home.  Also, it is possible to have a friend/relative do some work in your home as long as they are licensed in the state it is being built and carry the necessary insurance to do the work required.

Community Homes

  • Where are your communities?

    We are always looking for new opportunities to expand.  We currently have home sites available in the Myrtle Beach area that are for sale. You can view our available properties we are actively marketing on the Find Your New Home section of our website.

  • Can we make changes to the community home floor plans?

    Our community homes have been carefully designed and engineered to fit the lots available for each community and Home Owner’s Association requirements. Some communities do have optional floor plans for you to choose from. If it’s not specified on each community page, we can’t make changes to the floor plan. However, you will be allowed to customize the home by choosing the cabinets, hardware, and flooring throughout by the package you select.

    We want our customers to love their home and where they live. We realize that you may fall in love with one of our floor plans available but want to adjust the bedroom size or the layout of the bathroom, etc. We can still help you build the home of your dreams. We can meet with you to discuss the costs involved and find a suitable location outside of the community if you need to purchase land.

  • Are your community homes a fixed price?

    Our community homes are priced based on the cost of the land and materials needed to build each floor plan. Chancel HRT offers these homes at a fixed price. However, prices change if you add options or upgrades after the contract has been signed and we start to build your home.

  • Do I have to spend tons of money on upgrades to get a beautiful home?

    Absolutely not! We pride ourselves on offering high-quality luxury features to our clients. Chancel HRT has spent literally hundreds of hours selecting great options for your home to help you maximize your dollars while getting a beautiful and stylish home. Our standard features on our homes are considered luxury upgrades with most other builders.


  • What kind of financing do I need to build a custom home?
    The owner can choose a couple of ways to finance their home.

    1. You can seek a construction loan for the project and look for permanent financing at the best possible interest rate during construction which would take place at the closing of the property or;
    2. Use Construction-to-Permanent financing for your new home. It offers benefits not found in traditional end loan financing.

    We recommend you contact a local lender to seek answers.

  • What’s a construction loan and do I have to find my own lender?

    A construction loan is designed to bring together all of the different aspects of building a new home on private property. The costs of the home, payoff on the land, and site development costs are all wrapped into one loan. The lender disburses these funds as work is being finished. At the end of the building process, you convert the loan to a permanent mortgage.

    Chancel HRT has a list of approved lenders who specialize in the construction loan process and are ready to assist you. Contact us for more information.